Know About Weapons in Detail before Engaging in PUBG Battle Arena


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Every gamer, novice or a pro is well aware of the fact that to win a shooting game one needs the best guns to have an edge over opponents. Hence, it is the same for PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround. Gamers are required to strap themselves with the best weapon they can find along with battlegrounds pubg hacks for a shot at winning. If you want to learn more then check out

Now check out the weapons’ list which one can get in PUBG!

  • 1.

    Sub-machine guns

    Four different sub-machine guns one can find in this game. Tommy gun takes the top position in this list with 40 damaging power and a magazine of 30 bullets. It comes with a 0.086 firing rate along with bullet power and speed of 7000 and 280m/s respectively. Many use this as a secondary weapon along with PUGB hack for achieving ultimate victory.

    However, many gamers prefer to have a UMP9 instead of Tommy which has 38 damaging power, 30 bullets per magazine, 7000 power with a speed of 400m/s. Other than these two, one can find a Vector or a Micro-Uzi. Though the last two makes significantly less damage, their firing rates are 0.055 and 0.048 respectively, that is higher than the rest.

  • 2.

    Assault Rifles

    Undoubtedly, Groza is the ideal option in this category with damage power of 49, 715m/s bullet speed and the rounds come with the power of 10,000. Also, the fire rate of 0.08. AKM has the same damage, bullet speed, and power as Groza. However, the only difference is AKM's fire rate of 0.1. These two along with battlegrounds hacks works wonder in the battle arena.

    AUGA3 provides 44 damaging power, 0.086 firing rate, round speed of 940m/s and bullet power of 9000. The other guns are M16A4, M416 and SCAR-L and these three have the same damage power of 44. Fire rate of 0.075, 0.086, and 0.096; Bullet speed 900m/s, 880m/s, and 870m/s; bullet power 8000, 3500, and 9000 respectively. Moreover, all 6 come with 30 rounds per magazine.

  • 3.

    Shotguns’ List

    S686 and S12k are the most powerful shotguns in PUBG which can be used along with a PUGB hack. S686 damage rate is 25 along with a 0.2 firing rate. Also, it has 5000 bullet power and speed of 370m/s. The only disadvantage is that only two rounds can be fired before needing to reload again.

    S12K has 22 damage power, the firing rate of 0.055, 350m/s bullet speed and power of 5000. Two more shotguns available are Sawed-off and S1897. These two have damaging power 20 and 25, fire rate 0.048 and 0.092; and magazine of 25 and 30 respectively.

  • 4.

    Sniper Rifles

    The topmost sniper rifles are AWM, MK14, and M24. These offer damage of 120, 61, and 88; firing rate 1.85, 0.09, and 1.8; round power 40000, 20000, and 20000 respectively. Other than these, gamers can also find Kar98K, SKS, Win94, VSS, and Mini14 in this category.

    Owning AWM, M24, MK14, Groza, or AugA3 along with battlegrounds hacks in the battle arena almost ensures an individual’s chance of winning the match. These hacks help in eliminating enemies without even noticing until the very end. Also, these weapons are only available in crates which planes drop.

    Hence, get these if possible for having the edge over other players!